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Online employee testing is an easy and convenient way for human resource departments and staffing companies to assess an applicant's skills. This method of testing allows you to administer tests remotely or from multiple locations, and can be priced per test for those employers who only have need of these assessments every once in a while.

Online flexibility puts you in control of your employee testing process. At Hemingway Software Products, we offer dozens of employee tests in every major field of expertise, all with an online purchasing option. You can order our tests online for either one-time or unlimited use, and administer them at any computer. Whether your applicant is located near you or far away, online testing allows you to assess their skills without having to leave your office.

Our tests include results analyses and the capability to customize the tests to fit your needs. Simply choose which tests you need from our packages. We offer accounting, office, behavioral, legal and medical skills testing software. Online tests are available in just minutes, and are priced per test. It is a convenient solution for businesses that want the flexibility to use any computer for testing, or who only test infrequently.

Hemingway Software Products has created skills tests/assessments that allow employers to evaluate a candidate's skills from any location. This facilitates the hiring of new employees and gives you an advantage when making your hiring decisions. Online testing provides quality tests at an affordable price for businesses both large and small, and makes it easy for you to take control of the hiring process.

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